This Page Left Intentionally Blank preview performances at Mass MoCA, February 10, 12 and 13 at 12pm and 3pm.
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"It’s always entrancing to watch the company’s gifted performers field movement, words, props, and costume changes amid film clips, and scenic elements; they can slip into a character, out of it, and into another with almost shocking dexterity." -DanceBeat

Big Dance: Short Form world premiere at ADI: "Effortless a rare and wonderful thing. How rewarding to experience Big Dance Theater’s display of it." -Washington Post

Inventive and witty. There’s a big heart pulsing deep within "Triple Feature." -The Boston Globe

Annie-B Parson wins the 2014 Doris Duke Performing Artist Award

Another Telepathic Thing is published by 53rd State Press.
Buy the book here.

Annie-B and Paul win the 2014 Franky Award from the Prelude Festival.

""It’s hard to do justice to the freewheeling brilliance of Big Dance Theater… suffice it to say you should see the work of Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar whenever possible.”
- New York Times