"This sophisticated, quirky and brilliantly conceived piece of theatre almost stole the show."
-Wonderful World of Dance
"This multifaceted work does more than just reflect the preposterousness of our current climate."
- Lauren Grant for "Dance Enthusiast"


Elizabeth DeMent, winner of an Outstanding Bessie Award for her performance in 17c.


“Seamlessly executed and wonderfully captivating, 17c lends retrospect on Pepys' life in a way that forces us to observe our own." -Phindie


"I've got just the pick-me-up for anyone bummed about...(waves generally around). Go over to Abrons Arts Center and watch Anne Carson's Antigonick by Big Dance Theater." - Helen Shaw (private Twitter page)


“A brilliantly entertaining hall of mirrors…and a fun-house meditation on theater, its workings and its dazzling results.” – New York Times


"Stunningly decadent...a constellation of material...if a Sims game, a high-concept minimalist web series, a salacious ’80s soap opera, and a seventeenth-century boudoir all brought up a child together it might look like 17c." -thINKingDANCE


“Ambitious...engaging, well-plotted stagecraft...if you don't finally com to love Pepys the man, I think you'll love the theater he inspired." -Broad Street Review


“Paul and Annie-B’s Cage Shuffle is one of my favorite pieces ever. The cage stories are good to begin with, amusing in a Zen kind of way, but when further randomized and amplified with the dance, and with Paul’s voice- well, it becomes no longer a rarified Cage piece but is transformed into something that is accessible to everyone. Beautiful, profound and hilarious – as all things should be.” – David Byrne


"I Used to Love You, (...) this entertaining re-imagining of Martha Graham's 1941 comedy piece, Punch and The Judy shines bright." - BWW review


This Page Left Intentionally Blank ... "part dance, part theatrical performance, part philosophical think-oration on the act of seeing and interpreting ... becomes a kind of journey deeper into the performer's psyche as she worms her way into our own."-Arts + Culture Texas


"It’s always entrancing to watch the company’s gifted performers field movement, words, props, and costume changes amid film clips, and scenic elements; they can slip into a character, out of it, and into another with almost shocking dexterity."-DanceBeat


Big Dance: Short Form world premiere at ADI: "Effortless mastery...is a rare and wonderful thing. How rewarding to experience Big Dance Theater’s display of it."-Washington Post


"It’s hard to do justice to the freewheeling brilliance of Big Dance Theater… suffice it to say you should see the work of Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar whenever possible.”
-New York Times