There are three Short Ride Outs: a female solo that was danced by Wendy Whelan at the Lynberry Theater/Royal Ballet in London, a male solo for Aaron Mattocks at the Kitchen—the first cousin of Whelan’s Short Ride Out 2015. The third version is a duet comprised of three distinct parts: a male solo, a female solo, and a duet. All versions are equally concerned with factuality, directness, and unrelated actions as content, and then de-sequenced to free these actions of any implied narrative. The creation of this solo involved a slavish determination to “dance” all aspects of a Stravinsky nocturne that I could perceive, and then erase the music and leave the “erasure marks” of the music for the audience to see in the dance, but not hear. In this case, erasure marks would refer to rhythm, tone, emotion, kinetics, tempo, and phrasing in the original music. The music was eventually replaced.


2 six minute solos, and a five-minute duet for two dancers.

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