In the era of Covid-19 ​Cage Shuffle​ is re-conceived as a digital duet between two consummate performers. For ​Cage Shuffle: A Digital Duet Paul Lazar teams up with renowned choreographer, dancer, performer Bebe Miller and media artist Eammon Farrell. This cinematic adventure mixes multiple images of the dance with the speaking of Cage’s playfully philosophical text. The duet is a dynamic aural/visual blend that continuously forms and (re)forms in accordance with chance techniques, Cage’s signature experiment –a philosophy and methodology that seems especially relevant today. In a moment of multiple crises, when we are at once fiercely separated yet able to be virtually everywhere, this work inhabits the intersection of chance and technology to bring meaning to these two opposite states of being.


November 1-22, 2020
Wexner Arts Center


Conceived and Directed by Paul Lazar
Performed by Bebe Miller and Paul Lazar
Choreography by Annie-B Parson, Bebe Miller, and Paul Lazar
Directorial consultant: Annie-B Parson

Video Design by Eamonn Farrell
Lighting Design by Sonia Baidya
Sound by Stephen Trefnoff
Costumes by Eamonn Farrell, Bebe Miller, and Annie-B Parson
Streaming Technician: Stephen Jones
Stage Management by Ilana Khanin
Production Management by Andrew Hensler and John Smith

Produced by Sara Pereira da Silva
Tour Representation and Production: ArKtype/Thomas O. Kriegsmann
Associate Producer, Performing Arts: Adam Elliott
Director, Performing Arts: Lane Czaplinski

Commissioned by the Wexner Arts Center for the Arts

INDETERMINACY by John Cage © 2009 by Henmar Press Inc. Reprinted by agreement with Wesleyan University Press and John Cage Trust. All rights reserved. Used by permission of C.F. Peters Corporation.

“Gay Guerrilla,” composed by Julius Eastman, published by Music Sales Corp.
(ASCAP) o/b/o Itself and Eastman Music Publishing Company (ASCAP)

Photos by Kathryn D Studios