Annie-B Parson takes on ballet with her own choreographic voice. Drawing from her experience of watching and re-watching Balanchine’s Agon as well as the novel The Complete Ballet by John Haskell, she creates a duet from the imagery, the fundamental actions, the objects, and the narratives of ballet traditions.



Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, Umbria, Italy
July 12-14, 2019
with the support of LaMaMa International

NYU Skirball
November 8-9, 2019
New York, NY


Choreography by Annie-B Parson
Performed by Elizabeth Dement and Natasha Diamond-Walker
Set Design by Lauren Machen
Lighting Design by Joe Levasseur
Sound Design by Tei Blow
Costume Design by Enver Chakartash
Video Design by Deborah Johnson/CandyStations

Text excerpts from The Complete Ballet: A Fictional Essay in Five Acts (2017) by John Haskell, published by Graywolf; and WFMU Podcast Shut up Weirdo aired December 15, 2017.

Producer Sara Pereira da Silva
Production Manager Sarah Lurie
Stage Manager Ilana Khanin
Production Assistant Chris Nourse
Production Assistant Stephen Charles Smith
Production Interns Hunter Gause, Suzie Léger, Zixin Liu, Molly Mingey
Photography by Julieta Cervantes. 

ballet dance was created with the support of the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU.

Photos by Julieta Cervantes